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    October 14 (Wednesday)
    09:10~10:40 WA01(Special Session) WA02 WA03 WA04 WA05 WA06 WA07 WA08 WA09
    Korean Student Workshop: Do's and Don'ts in Paper Writing and Presentation [OS] SICE-ICROS Joint Organized Session on Control Theory and Application Adaptive Robust Control Service and Field Robots Automotive Systems and Automation Power Systems Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Navigation, Guidance and Control I Unmanned Aerial and Underwater Vehicles
    13:30~15:00 WB01 WB02 WB03 WB04 WB05 WB06 WB07 WB08 WB09
    [OS] Experimental Studies for Nonlinear Chemical Process Controls [OS] Recent Advances of Disturbance Observer and Applications to Motion Control New Control Approach Object/Human Visual Recognition Biomedical Systems Sensor Fusion and Signal Processing Communication and Embedded Systems [OS] Navigation, Guidance, and Control II [OS] Autonomy of Unmanned Marine Vehicles
    16:30~18:00 WC01(Special Session) WC02 WC03 WC04 WC05 WC06 WC07 WC08 WC09
    Advances in Underwater Vehicle [OS] Vehicle Control Sliding Mode Control Mobile Robots and Navigation Information and Networking Process Systems and Data Fusion [OS] Statistical Inference and Data Mining [OS] Navigation and Control Application for Military Robot Systems Unmanned Ground Vehicles
    October 15 (Thursday)
    09:10~10:40 TA01 TA02 TA03 TA04 TA05 TP (Room 201&202&203&204)
    [OS] Control Techniques for Mechanical systems [OS] Sensing and Control System Application for Marine Systems Robot Mechanism and Control Biorobotics and Medical Robots [OS] Electro-Hydraulic System Interactive Poster Session

    - Control Theory and Applications
    - Robotics
    - Signals and Intelligent Systems
    13:00~14:30 TB01(Special Session) TB02 TB03 TB04 TB05 TB06
    How to Achieve Successful Technology Transfer [OS] SICE-ICROS Joint Organized Session on Intelligent Robot System Nonlinear Systems [OS] Machine Vision Applications [OS] Image based Ambient Intelligence [OS] State Estimation and Applications
    October 16 (Friday)
    09:10~10:40 FA01(Special Session) FA02 FA03 FA04 FA05 FA06 (Room206) FP (Room 201&202&203&204)
    Bio-inspired Robot Design Control Applications I [OS] Time Delay and Their Applications [OS] Medical Robotics and Simulation [OS] Health Care Technology [OS] Signal and Image Processing Interactive Poster Session

    - Autonomous Vehicles
    - Bio-Systems
    - Industrial Applications
    13:30~15:00 FB01(Special Session) FB02 FB03 FB04 FB05 FB06 (Room206)
    fNIRS Forum : Toward a Mobile Brain Imager
    Control Applications II Identification and Estimation Human-Robot Interaction and Visual Servoing Civil and Urban Systems Sensors and Instrumentation